Wine education without the certification

Beginner and intermediate classes for everyday people

wine bottles on rack
wine bottles on rack

Are you ready to...

Learn about wine

Through a series of fun and engaging wine tastings, you will discover your wine style and new types of wines.

Expand your wine knowledge

Take your wine knowledge up a notch and gain more confidence in buying wines.

Get to know and understand wine regions
Read and understand wine labels

Labels have a lot of information critical to understanding what's in the bottle. You'll learn what matters and what to ignore.

Learn all this and more

No certification. Just learning and having fun!

Navigate and understand the wine list

It can be impressive or intimidating. You'll learn to make a decision.

Trying to choose wine today is like a jigsaw puzzle; when you hold a bottle, how do you know if you will like it, or if you'll buy it only to be disappointed?

Each of us have a different sense of taste, meaning not all wines will appeal to you.

You don't need to know every wine grape.
You don't need to know every wine style.
You don't need to be a wine expert.

All you need to start your journey is to know your wine style.

person pouring red wine on wine glass
person pouring red wine on wine glass